innovation21 welcomes you all to a world class Direct Selling company called Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd...         "SUNRISE 2014" by Team Winning Edge...a Mega Programme Executed Successfully          Next Power-Packed Dhamakedaar Event Announced by Team winning Edge..."RISING STARS 2014" on 18th May 2014...@ Thyagraj Indoor Stadium,New Delhi      Indiashoppe now has more than 3000 products            Heartiest Congratulations to all !!!                 Book of the month..."You Can Sell" by Shiv Khera    

Heartiest congratulations on taking a life changing decision to opt for a truly world class opportunity called Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd and deciding to achieve the highest form of success by being a part of an evergrowing family of innovation21.

In today’s dynamic business environment, enterprises have to collaborate and learn faster than ever before.Traditional methods of knowledge exchange are no longer sufficient for today’s global enterprises. Technology makes it possible for people across the globe to collaborate, exchange thoughts and have an immersive experience in an informal learning environment.

Innovation is a quality of pioneers and is inherant to evolution. innovation21 is an initiative by successful business leaders, teamed up to provide you with education that transforms you.This organization is built on strong foundation of Ethics, Values and Principles. It aims to make learning a fun-filled process for self and team’s development.  

Our motto “ Creative Minds, Accelerating Change” aptly captures our ethos of being  change messengers and together build a path leading to wealth creation.

Our Vision: to be No. 1 in Empowering millions towards Excellence

Our Mission:  Creating individuals who are empowered to excel in life through Innovative Education & Wealth Creation.

innovation21,as an organisation is formed to help you realize your dreams and build successful business with commitment & persistence,two important characteristics for success. Your sponsor and the leadership team at innovation21 are poised to build a lasting relationship with you and provide you with all the knowledge required to succeed in Network Marketing business.

Your team provides you not only the field level support, but also helps you understand the concept of the business. Your sponsor/uplines will be instrumental in providing you all the latest information, updates on various ongoing and future activities. You will in turn pass this information to your associates. It is important to be involved in all group activities.

The innovation21 leadership provides you the required local support, intercity and interstate group activity support and a wide range of business support material so that you are able to carry out your day-today business activities successfully. 

Our commitment is to offer nothing but the very best...already reflected in our vision & mission statements.We exist because of our team associates and are grateful to our Mentors, who have made us what we are today. We now strive to take innovation21 to the next level so that we can support our teams to grow leaps & bounds.

With Winning Regards,

Shilpi & Neeraj Dabral

Founder Directors, innovation21

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Heartiest Congratulations on being an associate of Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd !!! It's time to ROCK & Build a BIG BUSINESS now !!!


New Year Dhamaka...An Exciting Contest by our Mi Lifestyle Management !!!


Wow.......Team Winning Edge announces an Exciting & Wonderful Thailand Trip !!!

Forthcoming Events

12th & 13th April (Saturday & Sunday)...2 Days Residential Training Programme happening in Golden Hut Resort, Dharuheda...MUST ATTEND !!!

Latest Events and Achievement
SUNRISE 2014...a Life Changing Event in Our Mi Lifestyle by Team Winning Edge under the Priceless Guidance of our Mentor Mr Mubeen Mohammad
Wow......spellbound by the overwhelming audience in SUNRISE 2014
Magical stage of SUNRISE 2014
Cultral Events on the Magical Stage of SUNRISE 2014
Respected Neeraj sir & Shilpi mam getting Recognised on stage in SUNRISE 2014
Our Respected Baby Sebastian sir and family getting Recognised on stage in SUNRISE 2014
Our Respected Mubeen sir and Shabna mam getting Recognised on stage in SUNRISE 2014
Mr Chandan Singh(Rajasthan) getting rewarded as Club Achiever in SUNRISE 2014 function
Our Assam and 36garh Real Leaders...Gold Mr Hari Kumar,Platinum Mr K.R.Gopal and Platinum Mr Aji Kumar in SUNRISE 2014...Kudos to our Future Crown Ambassadors !!!
Our Rajasthan Real Leaders...Emerald Mr R.P.Vijay,Gold Mr Amit Kumar Agrawal and Gold Mr Chandan Singh in SUNRISE 2014...Kudos to our Future Crown Ambassadors !!!
Assam & 36garh Team in SUNRISE 2014
Mr Chandan Singh(Rajasthan) getting rewarded as Club Achiever in SUNRISE 2014 function
Mr Aji Kumar(Assam) getting rewarded as Sapphire Achiever in SUNRISE 2014 function
Mr K.R.Gopal(36garh) getting Rewarded as the Sapphire Achiever in SUNRISE 2014
Mr Enayat Rehman getting rewarded as the Star Club Achiever in SUNRISE 2014
Rajasthan team in SUNRISE 2014
Mr Hari Kumar(Assam) getting rewarded as Sapphire Achiever in SUNRISE 2014 function
R.P.Vijay ji and Chandan ji with Respected Pravin Sir
With Our Respected Pravin J Chandan sir, Salil Mathew sir and Mubeen sir
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